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Morby Photography

2018 Business Workshop

Building a Profitable & Sustainable
Photography Business

Change is coming to my 2018 workshop! With so many great workshops that focus on the shooting aspects of wedding photography, I’ve decided to shift my focus to the business side of photography. Prior to this two-day intensive workshop, I will thoroughly examine each attendee’s website, pricing structure, profitability, online reviews and brand message.  From there I will teach on the below topics and offer tailored feedback for each photographer attending.


Presenting a clear, concise and purposeful message that tells potential clients what your business is known for


Structuring your pricing in a way that’s easy to understand, built for profit and tailored to your target market


Keeping accurate books, forecasting, taxes and everything else that goes into running a business

Client Interaction

Intentionally weaving your brand message throughout the client interaction process


 Creating a workflow that helps you maximize your time from download to delivery

Referral Base

Spreading your net wide in order to grow and maintain your referral base




“I took Mike Morby’s business workshop in March of 2016. It was one of the best investments that I have ever made in my business! Mike is an outstanding educator and he walks you through all aspects of business: branding, pricing, profit, communicating with clients, client meetings and what we all want to do …book more weddings. Prior to attending the workshop, Mike visited all the student’s websites and price lists. He showed each of us how we could improve how we had been approaching our business. I immediately implemented his teachings upon my return home and booked 4 weddings in a row. His workshop is a game changer!” – Lisa Nicolosi Photography


“Morby Photography is a phenomenal photography business. You can see Mike’s work all over the place, displaying the volume of creative and technical content he is known for. What you don’t see is the business end of the photography business.  This is the aspect that really brings in the clients.  Without it most businesses are likely to fail, or at least struggle to be highly successful.  Mike embraces the business, and loves to help others embrace it as well.  He is a remarkable teacher and really knows how to convey his skills as a businessman.   I was blown away with the content.  More importantly, I was able to easily comprehend what he was teaching.  I have been implementing his teachings into my personal business and have been seeing favorable results.” – Michael Buehlar


“The Morby Photography Workshop was exactly what we needed to take our business to the next level.  Mike’s guidance on pricing, client interaction and branding was extremely helpful.  I think some photographers may not realize when starting out, that running a successful photography business isn’t all about taking beautiful images.  That is certainly part of it, but you also have to know how to book the right clients, manage their expectations, develop a strong brand, understand your bookkeeping and finances, etc.  I can say without a doubt that Mike’s advice on potential wedding client meetings has changed our business.  Mike talked about his client meetings, how he structures and leads them, and it encouraged us to do the same.  Now, our meetings are structured and intentional.  We book 90% of clients we meet with in person, and have also found that they book higher packages with albums and engagement sessions.  As a result, we’re shooting more and making more money.  We couldn’t be more pleased with what we learned at the workshop and would encourage any photographer to attend and soak it in!” – Jenna and Michael Beard

When: Saturday, March 10, 2018 – Sunday, March 11, 2018
(Lunch included both days)

Where: Our Studio in Pottstown, PA

Price: $1200 per person ($300 deposit upon registration)

Registration Opens: Sunday, November 5th @ 8pm



Mike Morby has been building his business since 2001 when he photographed his first wedding. In 2009 he began taking intentional steps to improve his craft and was able to transition full time into photography in 2012. In 2015 associate photographer Cory Ermold joined the team followed by Daniel Fosse in 2017.

Morby Photography’s main focus is weddings, averaging 90+ weddings per year. Mike enjoys helping both established and aspiring photographers reach their goals for their businesses and skill development.