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Morby Photography began in 2001 when Mike was studying art in college and a family friend asked him to photograph her wedding.  Over time his skills and reputation grew, and in 2012 Mike left his job and began photographing weddings on a full-time basis.  Since then Morby Photography has been featured in multiple magazine and online publications, travelled the country (and globe) photographing weddings, and brought on two amazingly talented associate photographers.  Combined our team has photographed hundreds of weddings, and we are constantly pushing each other to master our craft.  Creativity, romance and emotion define the photos that we take, and we are confident that your photos will never go out of style and you will love them for years to come.



The images produced by Mike tend to draw an emotional response from the people that view them.  Use of dramatic lighting and creative angles, as well as his ability to anticipate the moments before they happen, are what make Mike’s images stand apart.  Mike has photographed nearly 300 weddings, and is relentless in his desire to improve year after year. You’ll get the experience of a seasoned professional with Mike, yet a new and fresh perspective on wedding photography.

Cory Ermold

Cory was our first associate to join the team. His knowledge of light, creative eye for composition and unquenchable desire to improve have quickly gained him the experience needed to gain our clients’ attention and approval. Throughout the wedding day Cory tries to stay unseen, as he waits patiently for the perfect moment to capture the best photograph. His calm personality puts couples at ease, and makes them feel comfortable on what can be a fast-paced and hectic day. Cory is everything you want in a wedding photographer, doing all he can to capture your wedding day in an artistic and moving way.

Daniel Fosse

Daniel began working with the Morby Photography team as a second shooter in 2015 and quickly became one of our main second shooters.  His attention to detail, desire to always have perfect lighting, and laid back style was a perfect fit for our brand.  Therefore it was an easy decision to have Daniel join us in 2016 as an associate photographer.  Daniel has a degree in film, as well as many years of wedding photography experience and has become an irreplaceable part of the Morby Photography team.

Mackenzie Piggott

We are so proud to welcome the extremely talented Mackenzie Piggott as an associate to Morby Photography.  Like Cory and Daniel, Mackenzie’s introduction to Morby Photography was as a second shooter.  After her first wedding with us we recognized Mackenzie’s eye for light and ability to see creative angles that tell the story in a unique way.  We often joke that she is going to book more weddings than all of us combined, but that’s because she’s just that talented.  I couldn’t have been more thrilled than when she said yes to joining our team!

Kari Morby

Kari once worked alongside Mike in every aspect of the business, but since having their three children, she has stepped down from the higher demands of the job. She oversees much of the office duties, and you may interact with her from time to time when it concerns finances and albums. She prides herself in providing you a beautiful wedding album, and helps make the daunting task of creating an album easy and enjoyable for our clients.