Wedding Photography

On your one-month anniversary, you’ll receive a link to your online gallery where you can download your images. If you purchased a USB, that will be mailed to you as well.

Our coverage starts at 8 hours but additional hours can be added to your day to fit your needs. We recommend having coverage from getting ready to the end of the reception. You can decide on any additional hours during your timeline phone call as you work out your timeline with your photographer.

When you inquire with us, we check our calendar to see which photographer is available for your date and would be a good fit for your wedding. Prior to booking, you’ll have a chance to meet with your photographer and ask them any questions you might have.

Absolutely! You can add a second photographer to your wedding package for either a half-day or full-day. Some packages include this already.

If you ordered an album, you’ll love working with Laura! If you didn’t order an album, it’s never too late to add one! Laura will schedule a design consult with you where she’ll reveal a beautiful first draft of your album, built from your favorite images. She’s truly gifted in telling the story in a moving and timeless way. By the end of the meeting, you’ll be in love with your co-designed album! She’ll also show you our wall art in case you’re interested in purchasing any pieces for your home.

A $1500 deposit secures the date. The final balance is due two weeks before your wedding date. While we prefer a check for the balance, we can also accommodate credit cards.

Yes! You can learn more by clicking here.

Unfortunately, deposits are non-refundable because once you secure a photographer, they turn down work to keep the date for you. However, we have been known to get creative and allow clients to turn their deposit into a credit towards other sessions and products.

Yes we do! You can add an engagement session a la carte or to any package that we offer.

At your one-month anniversary, we post your images to a password-protected online gallery and provide you with a shareable link you can send to your friends and family.

Yes! We edit every image that we deliver, which is usually 700-1000 images depending on the length of your coverage.

We do not offer videography, but check out our preferred vendors’ page for our recommendations!

The majority of our weddings take place in the Greater Philadelphia Area. However, we do travel for weddings and apply mileage fees and/or travel expenses to the package.

Wedding Videography

There will be two videographers at your wedding! We want to ensure that every moment is captured, which is why we have two videographers capture the wedding we film.

Every moment of the day will be included! After your wedding we deliver a 1 minute teaser, a 5 minute trailer and a full feature film, so you can relive every part of your day.

Of course! All packages include 8 hours of coverage by two videographers, and additional hours can be purchased for $350/hr.

We do our best to blend in on your wedding day. We don’t want the wedding to be about us, it’s about you, your friends and your family. We stay non-intrusive and work around the photographers to ensure we don’t get in their way.

We have an amazing team of talented videographers that all have a creative and non-intrusive approach. Once you book us for your wedding day, we then assign one of our videographers for your special day.

Engagement Sessions

First and foremost, it should be something you feel comfortable and confident wearing. Believe it or not, these two things show up in your photos. Try to avoid busy patterns, branded shirts, or clothing that is too casual like flip-flops, cargo pants or shorts, and other baggy clothing because simply, they don’t photograph well. Choose outfits that have neutral, solid colors and are complimentary instead of matching each other. Accessories and textured materials always add to a photograph as well! And men – empty your pockets!

This is pretty common for our couples. They typically choose a casual outfit and a semi-formal outfit.

The session is usually one and a half hours to two hours.

We typically deliver 75-100 images.

We will deliver your online gallery three weeks after your session. You can expect a sneak peek around two weeks.

Rescheduling because of rain is very common. Usually we make the call the day before or the day of the session, whichever you prefer. But every now and then we have adventurous couples who want to continue despite the rain!

Most state and national parks require a permit. We are happy to help advise you on whether your desired location requires a permit, however, you are responsible for covering the cost of the permit and/or admission fees.

Most couples choose their engagement session location. If you’re unsure of where you’d like to go, we can suggest some of our favorite places. Just let us know what feel you want the photographs to have so we can better advise you.

If the locations are nearby to each other, then this is usually feasible.

Most engagement locations we frequent are within our driving radius. However, if your location is over 25 miles from your photographer’s location, there is a mileage fee of $2/mile.

Yes! We have a lot of great templates to choose from, and we can go back and forth with the design until we get it just right for you! We charge $250 for 100 5×7 cards. Additional cards are $2.50 each.

Of course! We offer a ton of fun products within your online gallery that you can order on your own. Check them out here. Or, if you prefer something more custom for your walls, we are happy to work with you using our design software that will show you just what your wall art design will look like in your own space.

Family Photography

Prior to the session, we will schedule a phone call to plan out the favorite family activities you’d like captured. Your only job is to be present in the moment and engage with authentic smiles, laughter and connection. Let us do the rest. The photos you will love most will be the ones where you forget the camera and find yourself lost in the moment. So please begin your session open to being your most honest self.

Our Everyday Life Sessions are not about perfection but about real life. Real-life is a mix of joy, laughter, and sometimes tears. If you need to do a time-out, do it! If you allow us to document the tears, your kids may enjoy looking back on the photos with a chuckle. Know we make no judgments but will only seek to preserve your everyday life exactly as it is–the good, the bad and the beautiful chaos.

While we don’t expect your house to be spotless, we do hope you will tidy up before your session. The more you can clean & declutter, the more timeless your photos will become. But please do not stress about this! Again, the beauty of black & white photography is that many things you don’t want to focus on can fade into the background. So that pile of toys or stack of papers can remain if you just don’t have time. Missy is more than happy to move something out of the way if she feels it’s taking away from a particular photo. But we seek a lived-in home that tells an authentic story.

Absolutely! We know firsthand how interests change and kids grow, so have us come back to document your ever-changing family to help you preserve those moments forever. Whether it’s a few sessions documenting your favorite family activities, or across multiple seasons, or simply year after year, we’d love to be a part of it. We can even pop in during your family vacation!

Choosing outfits can be one of the most stressful parts of a family session. So we ask that you don’t! The magic of black & white photography is that it takes the focus off so many unimportant details–like clothing–and puts it where it belongs–the moment. Seek to wear something everyone feels good and relaxed in. Again we’re capturing everyday life so think comfortable. If you still need some styling tips, stick to light, neutral colors and add layers when possible. Steer clear of tight clothing that restricts movement. Flowy dresses photograph well because they show motion and add softness. Plain v-neck t-shirts are great for boys and men. Avoid logos or text on shirts as they can date your photos.

A few days after your session, Mike will send you an image or two of your session and ask your permission to post it on our Facebook and Instagram page. Our goal is to make you melt with love and adoration for your littles! The rest of your images will be ready within 3 weeks of your session. We’ll provide you with a shareable link that you can send to share with your friends and family.

Yes! There is no travel fee within a 25 mile radius from our studio. If you are beyond that radius a small mileage fee of $2 per mile will be added to your session fee.

Album & Wall Art


Our wedding albums are 10×10 and come with 10 spreads, which is 20 pages. A spread is two pages (a left and a right side).

Parent albums are 8×8 and also come with 10 spreads, or 20 pages.

We feel our albums look best with 25-30 spreads. This allows for the full story of the day to be told without compromising on size of the photographs. Additional spreads are $100 each, which is $50 per page. Additional spreads in the parent album are $75 each. Our clients typically spend between $1000-$2000 during their design consult on album upgrades. However, our base album can adequately tell the story of your day so if customizing your album is not within your budget, don’t worry, you’ll still get a beautifully designed album to admire for years to come. Remember each album purchased within a package comes with a print credit!

Once you receive your online gallery, we ask you to choose your favorites, which will be used to create the first draft of your album design. Although the base album fits around 75 images, we recommend starting with 125-150 favorites because it is easier to combine or remove spreads than to add new spreads.

Immediately following your design consult we begin ordering your album. Because they are custom made in the USA, it takes about 3-4 weeks to receive your album.

Most couples use their print credit on album customizations like additional spreads or cover imprinting. It can also be used on custom cards or wall art.

Each album comes with a choice of leather or linen materials as well as a black leather protective box.

Available upgrades are embossed lettering, raised initials, cameo window, and a walnut box.

While we strive for perfection, mistakes do happen. If you notice any errors with your album, contact us immediately so that we can remedy the situation. We want the album to meet all your expectations!

Wall art is available for purchase within your online gallery. We’re also more than happy to help you create a more custom wall art display for your home. Just ask!

Of course! Put that wedding gift money to good use! While most couples pre-purchase their album within a package (since it’s discounted and comes with a print credit), other opt to get an album after the wedding. It’s as simple as reaching out to us to get the process started!

Most parents have their own vision for their parent album and want their own design. Leah, our album designer, is happy to meet with parents to co-design their very own album. However, if your album design is so stellar you just want to duplicate it, we’ll give you 25% off any upgrade costs for the duplicate album.


Our family albums are 8×8 and come with 5 spreads, which is 10 pages. A spread is two pages (a left and a right side). Additional spreads can be purchased, as well as an upgraded album size.

We feel our albums look best with 15-20 spreads. This allows us to showcase more of your favorite photographs. Additional spreads (two pages) are $75 each. Our clients typically spend between $500-$1000 during their design consult on album upgrades and/or wall art.

Wall art is available for purchase within your online gallery. We’re also more than happy to help you create a more custom wall art display for your home. Just ask!

If you ordered an album or wall art with your package, you’ll love working with Leah! Once your gallery is posted, we’ll ask you to select your favorites. Leah will then schedule a design consult with you where she’ll reveal her beautiful designs built from your favorite images. During the consult, you’ll work together to tweak the design until it’s exactly how you want it. By the end of the meeting, you’ll be in love with your co-designed product!

After your session all of your photos will be uploaded to your online gallery. We offer prints of varying sizes for purchase within your gallery store. Do you want framed prints, canvases or wall collages? Setup a design consult with us so that we can discuss options that best fit your space.

Immediately following your design consult we begin ordering your album and/or wall art. Typically it takes about 2 weeks to receive your products.

While we strive for perfection, mistakes do happen. If you notice any errors with your album, contact us immediately so that we can remedy the situation. We want the album to meet all your expectations!


Absolutely! We offer gift certificates for any of our services. Most commonly we sell gift certificates for family sessions, private lessons, and album upgrades. Simply reach out to us at to get started!

When we don’t have an active workshop, feel free to join our waiting list so you can be one of the first to know when we open registration on our website.

Mike’s specialty is to help fellow business owners strategize on how to grow their business. He gets really excited when he gets to help people earn more and work less! Book a one-on-one mentoring session to put his skills to use!

We also offer lessons (one-on-one or group) to help beginners learn their camera, or teach established photographers to improve their skills in areas such as off-camera lighting.

Our in-person workshops last 3 days and cost $1500. We also offer online workshops which usually last 4-6 hours and cost $500. One-on-one lessons are $125/hour. Mentoring sessions are $250/hour.

Our workshops topics cover brand message, simple pricing, profitability, client interaction, efficient workflows and referral base.

Our mentoring topics include any of the above topics in more depth, tailored specifically to your business.

Our lesson topics include camera settings, composition, flash, lenses, light, or anything else you may need help with!

Mike’s favorite topic by far is profitability! He loves diving into spreadsheets to analyze a business’s pricing structure, pointing out simple strategies to improve profitability.

We love teaching beginners! In fact, we have a lesson plan designed specifically to teach beginner photographers how to use their camera and how to improve their photography skills.